Distributor - Performance Unilite Electronic - Ford V8 351C/M, 400, 429-460 - part # 3756701

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Product Description:

Performance Unilite Electronic Distributor, self contained optical module. Self lubricating oilite bushings and comes complete with cap and rotor with brass terminals. Our Performance Unilite Electronic Distributor has a one-piece self-contained optical module which is a stand alone ignition ready2run. The easy 3 wire installation is adaptable to almost any vehicle. The Super Duty cap is made from high dielectric strength thermoplastic with copper/brass female terminals and a high quality carbon brush. The balanced rotor utilizes a brass blade for superior conductivity and corrosion resistance. The rotor has a shutter wheel attached to it to provide accurate triggering of the Unilite module and for perfect phasing between the triggering window and rotor blade. The housing is CNC machined from billet 6061-T6 aluminum for accuracy and the oilite bushings keep the centerless ground steel shaft running true. The mechanical advance is adjustable for street or racing applications. The steel gear is compatible with both flat tappet and hydraulic roller camshafts. Fits 1968-96 Ford V8 351C/M, 400, 429-460.
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